Proctorial System

  • A Proctorial System is introduced as decided by the Govt. All the students of the College are divided into several groups. Each group would be headed by a Lecturer who is called Proctor. The Proctors are required to maintain a record card containing Particulars of the students under their guidance. It aims at an integral relationship between the teachers and the students.

    • General Rules:-

    • a. Every student of the College is placed in group under a Proctor.

    • b. The student should meet the proctor at least once in a month or at any time he/she feels necessary.

    • c. A student should know the rules of the college through his proctor and should try to abide by them during his/her stay in the college.

    • d. A student can meet the Principal if necessary with the prior permission of the proctor concerned.

    • e. Any negative report against a student by the proctor shall be seriously dealt with by the staff council of the College.

    • f. A proctor is generally required to maintain co-operation between the authority and the parents of the students under his guidance through regular visits to maintain discipline so as to secure the interest of the students & Institute.

    • g. It is the duty of the Proctor to report to the Chief Proctor (Principal) on any serious misconduct irregularity in attendance, absence at the internal examinations etc.

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