• The college library contains the text books and other books for reference. The staff and the students have an easy access to the library. The library is opened during college hours of the working days.


      Rules for borrowers of all categories:-

    • 1. No student can use Library or issue books without producing his/her valid Identity Card of the College and Library Card at the Library Counter.

    • 2. A student immediately after admission into 1st year should produce his/her Identity Card of the College in the Library Counter for issue of Library card to him/her.

    • 3. A student immediately after readmission into 2nd/3rd year of +3 class can receive his/her Library Card in the same manner after producing his/her old Identity Card of the College.

    • 4. Students borrowing books from the library should see that the Library Card is properly filled in. They should also present the cards at the counter while returning the books. They should observe the instructions mentioned in the Library Card.

    • 5. No book should be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly entered in the 'Register' and entry attested by the borrower.

    • 6. No person is allowed to enter inside into the Library without permission of the Librarian.

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